Having recently returned from 2 weeks annual leave, I can’t believe how good it felt being away from my business. And as a result, I can’t believe how much BETTER I feel now that I have returned to my business coaching clients energised, refreshed and ready for action.

The energy is right back at the top, but what I really noticed is my ability to make decisions with the stress or anxiety that existed before going on leave.

I love business coaching, I love working with my clients, but working day in day out, eventually just tires even the most motivated of us out. Add some home life pressure into a time poor week, some business development time, some admin time and its total burn out before you know it.

So when the road bumps come along, even the title ones, a tired mind processes the bumps in a tired manner. For me, over thinking what could go wrong, what would happen if things did go wrong and what would I do, and what suffered was my ability to start tasks. Not in a big way I thought, but things just seemed to take a while to get energized.

How to Find the Cash to Take a Holiday From Your Business

Now that I am back on deck, I can’t believe the clarity of my mind and how it is now functioning. The little road bumps are not even bumps – they are what they are, and you just process them logically, without passing “judgement” on them.

Avoid the judgement trap

By avoiding the judgement trap, thoughts flow freely without a stress related connector popping up. And the bigger road bumps, no worries either – just a bit more planning and structure around communications and what needs to be done by when.

So, if you are lacking motivation or tired and frustrated with your staff or yourself, or simply you just don’t know where to start to tackle that list of important things to do, take a break from your business and truly switch off. We all think that the business can’t afford it, but I think you’ll be amazed of your energy and focus upon your return and just how much payback you’ll get.

You’ll be amazed of your energy and focus upon your return and just how much payback you’ll get.

So where is the cash coming from to take a break? Crossing out say two weeks in the diary in a couple of months time is the start. Remove all the excuses of why you can’t go away. Then, pick a destination that disconnects from the day to day cycle of what you are used to.

But what if my business cash cycle is tight?

Set yourself a goal to collect a slow payer/problem debtor and set this aside. Ask some of your better payers to pay early as a once off. Request a deposit or % of the fee upfront from your customers. Stop giving customers discounts. Negotiate extended credit terms with your suppliers/creditors. Sell that surplus asset/car you have been hanging on to (you can always buy another one later on). Start a new strategy to sell through moving stock, or not acquire new stock unless the stock turn is much greater than historical or industry benchmarks.

See value in taking a holiday

As with all management decisions, it is how you view the VALUE of a holiday – and if you VALUE it, and I am recommending that you should value it highly, then the cash will be found.

It would be great if you could share with my readers how you felt after you had your last break (if you can remember) and if you can’t remember, then you should definitely be taking a break soon! With my business coaching services, let me help you find the cash to take a holiday every year, trust me it’s life changing. Get in touch and let’s start planning the ‘how’ today.