• Give your employees a voice and leverage their knowledge and ideas,
  • Get feedback,
  • Create team players,
  • Move away from you being the business,
  • Change how your employees think within your business,
  • Set goals so that your business has purpose,
  • Align your direction for the business with your employees,
  • Change and growth can be uncomfortable so provide them with clarity

Team workshops get feedback and input from your employees!

Team workshops are designed to get feedback from your team and help them understand that they do have value and relevance to why your business does what it does.

Team workshops provide an environment to share ideas for business improvement and to get their views on what’s working within your business and what’s not. In understanding why your business does what it does, my team workshops take a pause from the pressures of the day to day operations and encourage employees to reflect on the “essential ingredients” that your company is known for and what opportunities there are for the business. In addition, the team workshops provide for acknowledgment of each employee’s strengths and looks at better ways to utilize these strengths. And how the employees actually work together as a team and the employees ideas on how they themselves would like to see the team operate. Whether your employees are front line or in the production or back office processes, each person’s role has an impact on the overall business performance. My team workshops analyze the “unhappy customer” but also what makes a customer rate your company ten out of ten, and how often this occurs.

With a better focus on the impact of an individual’s role within a team, at the end of a team workshop, owners/executives and employees alike will:

  • Gain clarity of how aligned the team is to the owner’s vision
  • Employees get an opportunity for their ideas to be heard
  • Owners/Executives get feedback on what’s not working and better ways to do things
  • Get employee ideas on how to grow your business
  • Improve how the team operates together
  • Get an agenda of tasks that will drive a better business

“Time management, cashflow, there was a whole range of issues. I think I lost a bit of direction….the first couple of meetings with David were basically about setting some goals and parameters and what we wanted to achieve and some timelines, and constraints that we had to operate in.”

Pete Boardman – Owner, PBE Electrical


  • Agreed format as to questions and focus of workshop
  • Workbooks for all participants
  • Group meeting with business coach for up to 3.5 hours
  • Flexible timetable of when meeting held (to suit the business)
  • An agenda of tasks and priorities to work on going forward

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Team workshop fees start from $1,500 ex gst depending on location, length of workshop, and number of people.

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