Ever wondered what would happen if you kept on doing the same thing day after day…. but yet you expect a different outcome, and yet it never happens. Imagine if you could fix these things NOW, yes TODAY!

David Lockwood, Melbourne Business Coach is your go-to person to fix these things for you.

One to One Business Coaching programs relieve your stress levels, reignite your passion of why you went into business and provides a roadmap to growing business profits and shareholder value.

Melbourne Business Coaching programs with David Lockwood are designed to get you back in control of your business, mentor you to grow a better business, and focus you on your vision for your business.

In understanding why your business what it does, and how it does it, my program takes you, the owner, on a journey shared with Business Coach Melbourne David Lockwood to reduce your stress levels, to reconnect you with why you went into business, and to simplify how you manage your business. In doing so, we will grow business profits, generate more cash, with more time back, and with a team that is engaged and focused on the critical levers to ensure your business is successful. Check more on our blog posts. Melbourne Business Coaching is a bespoke program that clarifies and resets your business and personal goals, determines why these goals are important to you, and gets your head out of the day to day operations – your focus becomes the critical levers to drive your business to the next level… With clarity and focus on outcomes, and diving deep into HOW your business operates, you bring your expertise and knowledge to the table and together we unpack your business so that you can:
  • Increase sales
  • Improve cash flow and cash within the business
  • Increase gross margins
  • Reduce discounts given away
  • Attract more customers paying the right price (A grade customers)
  • Understand the customer buying process
  • Improve your marketing messages and processes
  • Improve staff performance and productivity
  • Learn better ways to manage staff
  • Increase profits
  • Reduce stress levels
  • Optimize your time in the business
  • Increase your time to work in the business
Change is not easy. But if being in the same place as last year is not where you want your business to be, then Melbourne Business Coaching with David Lockwood is a great way to share your journey to growing business profits and value.

“David promised a six figure return and he’s more than delivered a six figure return. We’ve seen quite a dramatic increase in our business. We’d probably say at least a 30% increase. I’m talking bottom line, not just sales.”

Nellie Dicks – Owner, Bank of Queensland

David Lockwood’s bespoke Melbourne Business Coaching program will deliver to you:

  • Face to Face (one to one) coaching (in person or via skype)
  • Business Templates and workbooks
  • Goal setting and business planning
  • Accountability for improved business performance
  • Team workshops
  • Educational material for self learning
  • Access to a trusted network of service providers
  • An independent and trusted sounding board who is available when you need him

The programs are business coaching and operate in a consultative style with regular one to one meetings structured over a minimum period of 12 months. As change takes time, growing your business in the right order is essential in creating long-term wealth from the program for the shareholders of the business.

If you would like to Unlock Your Business then book an initial call with David now!

Coaching Fees are paid monthly and the program is structured to provide you with a return on your investment (increased sales and profits with more cash in the business) of at least 4 times the annual fee.

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