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Leadership Development


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Leadership Development

Frustrated at staff having no buy in, staff not aligned with where you are taking the business, or they need some better tools to manage the team to the next level
  • Identify how to move people from being a manager to a leader,
  • Improve accountability & responsibility,
  • Move away from you being the business,
  • Change how your employees think within your business,
  • Improve how employees understand their own management style and optimize it,
  • Create clarity around goals and opportunities within the business

Leadership Development programs identify future leaders and help you spend less time in the business

Leadership development programs are designed to get your key people on board with your vision and culture for the business and to get them doing what you need them to do to grow the business without solely relying on the efforts of the owner/executive.

The Leadership development program is aimed at developing the future leaders of your business by providing them with a better understanding of the impact of ownership and responsibility within your Company, so that it gets the owner away from the tasks you should not be doing, and to enable you to spend less time in the business.

A future leader is any team member who has a long term future at the business and is identified as capable for taking more responsibility into the future.

In understanding why your business does what it does, the leadership development program is a series of workshops and individual one on one meetings that allows your managers to discuss and share their role as leaders, assess the $ cost of the “leadership gap”, and create a plan with the owner/executive so that you can build a better business knowing your key team members are aligned and have a common purpose.

The leadership development program aids owners and senior executives move people from managers to leaders. The workshops and one to one meetings identify roadblocks and looks at the way people justify actions or inactions.

With a better understanding of individual styles of leadership, and its impact on colleagues, executives/owners, customers and/or suppliers, at the end of the program, staff will:

  • Gain a better understanding of the responsibilities of leadership
  • Improve team management and staff performance
  • Improve business productivity
  • Increase profits
  • Optimize your time in the business
  • Get you time back from managing those micro and unwarranted tasks

Change is not easy. But if your key people are in the same place as last year and this is not where you want them to be, then Leadership Development is a great way to change the conversation and their focus.

Your Leadership development program will deliver to you:
  • Two interactive group workshops with all nominated future leaders
  • Personality profiling of each person nominated for the program
  • Three one hour meetings with the business coach and the participant
  • One hour meeting with the owner/executive and the business coach designed around feedback
  • A high level strategy meeting at the outset with the owner/executives to understand and align the vision and outcomes of the program
  • A leadership development action plan for each participant

Leadership development fees are based on two group workshops and a feedback/planning session with the owner/executive


Three one on one sessions with the business coach and the individual

Leadership development programs run for a minimum of three months and fees are paid monthly. Fees are dependent on the number of participants.

If you would like to Unlock Your Future Leaders, then book an initial call with David now!

one too one

Biagio La Rosa says:

“So the way we think of our customer base after having engaged with David is really to understand what the opportunity is within that customer base to grow our business…our business has roughly doubled in size and we’ve made 2 acquisitions…”

Get your FREE Download – 3 simple steps to patch up the cracks

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