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Group Coaching


An environment for business owners to share and solve problems

Go Further Faster With Other Business Owners

Being a business owner can be a very lonely profession with few people who have the experience you have. It can get frustrasting talking to yourself, or others who don’t understand the challenges and pressures that come with running a business.

Group Coaching will give you a sounding board and environment to share the journey with likeminded business owners.

The ‘buck stops’ with business owners who are responsible for operating the business, putting out fires, developing supplier relationships and partnerships as well as developing strategies to ensure the business can keep operating.

Group coaching gives you access to tried and trusted networks, and the opportunity to learn how other owners tackle problems and find solutions.

It is often up to business owners to develop the strategy for a business. Developing a strategy whilst operating the business and looking after customers can often be like servicing a plane whilst it’s still in the air, and often employees are the last to hear about the strategy, even though they play a critical role in bringing a strategy to life.

Group Coaching gives you the opportunity to change how you understand and manage your business so you can grow the right way, get more time back and more cash in the bank.

There are a range of benefits to participating in Group Coaching. Here’s how it works with Unlocking Your Future.

What Is Group Coaching?

Group Coaching is a unique environment that gives you the opportunity to leverage and learn from other business owners in a practical yet educational environment.

Group Coaching programs are designed to get business owners thinking about their business, through using the experiences of like-minded people from other companies and / or industries.

Group Coaching follows a structured format that educates you on each aspect of your business in a group environment that allows you to share experiences, knowledge, and ideas of how to run a better business. 

Groups works best when owners are prepared to share their experiences and learning. The workshops allow owners to share what worked in their business, and what didn’t, in an environment where there are like-minded people who can benefit from the insights, or share potential solutions.

In understanding why your business does what it does, and how it does it, my program takes the owner on a journey to grow business profits, generate more cash, with more time back, and with a team that is engaged and focused on the critical levels to ensure your business is successful.

Importantly, through the coaching educational program, you will be empowered to better understand your business, be encouraged to have better systems to capture essential data to run your business better, and learn from others how they have grown their businesses.

How Can Group Coaching Help Your Business?

Through sharing business challenges, opportunities and experiences in a Group Coaching environment, business owners will have an improved understanding of actions needed to run a better business. My Group Coaching program has helped business owners achieve a range of outcomes including:

  • Clarifying and resetting goals and financial objectives
  • Accessing tools to improve gross margins
  • Receiving tools to attract more A Grade customers
  • Understanding what drives productivity and why scorecards will drive profits upwards
  • Knowing how to convert more sales from your leads
  • Plans to implement going forward

Leveraging collective knowledge and experiences can help you identify the best way to optimise your business, and where to find potential profit opportunities within your business.

If you’d like to find out if Group Coaching will help you create the business you want, get in touch now.


What Will You Get From Group Coaching?

My Group Coaching program will give you access to five group coaching sessions with three or four like-minded business owners. In addition to these sessions, you will get:

  • One on one meeting with your Melbourne Business Coach to set goals and understand your business roadblocks to growing business profits
  • Topics covered in the group sessions
  • Ways to maximise your margins
  • Upgrade your productivity
  • Ways to own a larger sales slice “share of wallet”
  • Strategies to position your business to attract more A Grade clients
  • Improving your profits by better engaging with your employees
  • One on one meeting with your business coach to create a plan to implement
  • Workbooks for each one to one and group sessions
  • Access to software to map and track your performance

If you would like to leverage the knowledge, experience and perspective of a group of business owners like you, get in touch now.

How Does Group Coaching Work?

The Group Coaching program operates in a consultative style with other business owners.

Your two one to one sessions with me as your business coach are up to 1.5 hours long.

The five group coaching sessions are 2.5 hours each. They run over a 20 week period and are typically around 3 weeks apart. This is done to give you time to work on your business between the group coaching sessions.

Get in touch now if you would like to unlock your knowledge to run a better business.

Can Group Coaching Help You Get the Business You Want?

Regardless of how you got here, through my 40 years in business and coaching, I have found there are typically only a handful of reasons that business owners look for a business coach.

These tend to fall into four main categories and are associated with problems or frustrations of business owners that relate to Growth, Time, People or a need for an Adviser or independent sounding board.

Whilst I offer a range of business coaching services including one to one coaching, workshops and leadership development - the method comes second to the problem.

Is it one of these that has you looking for answers?

Have a look around and get in touch to find out the best coaching solution for your situation.

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