• Leverage your skill set and expertise by pushing the boundaries to the next level
  • Improve your job satisfaction by understanding where your role starts and finishes
  • Have your own confidential sounding board
  • Broaden the discussion with an independent and trusted confidant
  • Do you know where you want to take your business but don’t know how to get to the people you need to meet?

Have an experienced and professional business adviser that is in your corner to develop you into the best you.

By using David Lockwood as your Business Mentor, he will leverage his knowledge and experience through providing advice, feedback, counsel to you whilst helping you set personal and business goals that stretch you towards being a better manager within your business role.

My role as Business Mentor will encourage and support you in your development of your business career.

As a Business Mentor, what you get is a professional advisor who is in your corner, and who takes the time to understand and stress test your strategies,= and ideas, and a person who can help you work through often complex business decisions and their probable impact.

Business Mentoring focuses on developing the individual whereas Business Coaching focuses on leveraging your knowledge. Accordingly, Business Mentoring is aimed to change and improve your decision making processes and provide a pathway to identify the next level of skills needed for your business career.

My role as Business Mentor is to clarify where you need to be to take your business management skills to the next level. As each person is an individual, and the Business Mentor role is one of trust, it is essential that both the mentor and the mentee have mutual respect for each other.

“So the way we think of our customer base after having engaged with David is really to understand what the opportunity is within that customer base to grow our business…our business has roughly doubled in size and we’ve made 2 acquisitions…”

Biagio La Rosa – Owner, GenerationE


  • Face to Face mentoring sessions
  • Profiling of Management style and workplace relationships
  • Goal setting
  • Accountability
  • Educational material for self learning
  • An experienced and independent advisor who is in your corner

If you would like to Unlock Your Business through Business Mentoring then book an initial call with David now!

Business Mentor Fees are paid monthly in advance and tailored to your specific requirements based on goals and aspirations.

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