I have just finished reading two books; Eleven Seconds, and Metastatic Madness.

Eleven Seconds is the story of Travis Roy, a USA ice hockey player whose life’s ambition was to play ice hockey professionally, but he lasted 11 seconds on ice before injuring his spinal cord. It’s a story about his journey through the injury, and he didn’t cope with being a quadriplegic initially, but then he found the resolve to live life forward.

Metastatic Madness is the story of Carol Miele who was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer out of nowhere. Carol’s story is a very personal account of her life changing minute when she received her diagnosis and her journey from there.

How One to One Business Coaching Optimises Resilience

What hit home to me was their resilience. Despite the odds, despite their initial anger and frustration, Travis and Carol found a way to rebuild their approach to life and attitude towards living. Both stories are incredibly inspirational.

Throughout my business coaching career, I chat with and listen to many owners whose own stories are inspirational. Before I take on a one to one business coaching client, I am always interested in your background story, and why and how clients got into the business. I am always amazed at the courage and belief of owners in wanting to make a difference to others through their business. Central to this every time is the customer, your business delivering a solution or experience that is unique.

The journey into and through business is never an easy path. But as with life, business throws you plenty of challenges, and some of those you have not trained or have the skills for, some may come out of the blue, and test your resolve. Or, the challenge could be wanting to grow your revenues without working more and more hours, but you can’t get your head around how to do this.

What is common to the owners I coach is their underlying resilience and determination to wanting a better lifestyle through running their better business. By having me as a business coach, sounding board and trusted advisor, I share your business journey with you, so when one of those business challenges hits you out of the blue, or you are stuck and not sure how to take the next step. I am here to help you choose the best strategies to optimise your business and take it and you to the next level.

In the coming weeks, I will be sharing some of these inspirational stories of the people I chat with, and I am sure you’ll find, you are not alone.