Several weeks ago I blogged about two particular inspirational people who when faced with adversity had overcome their fears and battled through the difficult times.

Their roads weren’t easy, but they had the belief that things would get better. They still had business to attend to and things they wanted to achieve. Both had a strong and overarching desire to give back more to their families and community. It’s the same passion that drives the entrepreneurs I meet every day.

Entrepreneurs are the business owners of small to medium companies who have a driving passion and vision for their business. They have an overarching desire to take the business forward, and a strong urge to see efforts rewarded with market share, sales and profit growth.

I am Entrepreneur and I am Proud of It

Typically, if you are a successful entrepreneur your sales growth is high but margins are thin, and all your cash is invested back into the business. You are the very same business owners who are faced with challenges and fears in a constantly changing market place, who face more and more regulation and red tape, whose passion for excellence in your particular product or service is challenged by the internet and social media, by technology and innovation, by staff, or by very large corporations with cash and balance sheets to back loss-making forays into your markets.

While entrepreneurs have the drive and passion, and some entrepreneurs may have the tools, but they probably don’t have the rule book. So many entrepreneurial ventures never get too far down the track, and that’s why so many small to medium business fail within the first three years of business.

The rule book – eventually the rules of business apply to your business. Unless your business is a break out business, and you have plenty of cash, the industry norms eventually kick in. Your systems and processes need to support your business but these lag behind. Your time poor because you are out developing your business and don’t have enough time to communicate priorities or you just want everything done yesterday.

So, hiring a business coach is the perfect way to get hold of the rule book you can also join Group Coaching for this purpose is well, without spending time reading hundreds of pages of how to run a better business. Running a better business keeps you ahead of the industry norms because you have an experienced and independent sounding board which is very much on your side but yet, not emotionally bound up in the day to day decisions. Your business coach brings clarity to discussions and helps you see where the road bumps and risks lie ahead.

Most of Australian business has been created by you, the entrepreneurs. We should be celebrated and encouraged as small to medium businesses employ most of us. I am an entrepreneur and proud of it, and you should be too.