How do you become a master of anything?

The key lesson I learned was hard work; mastery is not about being special or more gifted than anyone else.

What I’ve learned in my experience as a Business Coach and through 35+ of business – mastery is a direct result of pigheaded discipline and determination.

What made Tiger Woods the world’s best? Hitting 1,000+ balls a day – that’s a lot of practice. And sure, lot’s of different golf clubs, but it’s still 1,000+ swings.

Practice makes perfect

So what are you going to become a master at, and how many hours each and every day or week are you going to allocate with pigheaded determination to get there?

As a business coach, I know you need to set yourself up for success.

In the context of business development…

  • Getting out to prospect and visit customers you don’t yet know that exist.
  • Planning your next week and the one after in advance – researching industry segments/businesses within a location range/LinkedIn searches and, if you are planning on visiting them in the coming weeks, making calls in advance to say you are in the area and would drop by (or make an appointment if you get through to speak with them).

To be successful, are you going to set this planning up and then do it with pigheaded determination?

Is your diary blocked off for the next 3 months every week for these activities, including site visits?

We aim to be proactive in our work, not reactive to what is happening all around us, and without a committed time slot, you can only be reactive.

And you want to acknowledge your investment in time towards creating and building new customers. If you don’t allocate time to this, it’s unlikely that sales will grow.

If you need some help to plan, put time aside, and create winning strategies so that you build a sustainable and successful business, I am a Melbourne based Business Coach committed to helping you add six figures and beyond to your bottom line. Have a look at my blog post about creating winning strategies in your business or book a time with me: Book a time slot!