About David Lockwood

My name is David Lockwood. I help business owners who want to work smarter but also, want to know how to be your best at optimising the business.

My key role is to help you adapt to change so that you run a better business, to be your independent sounding board, and to simplify how you mange your business.

It took me 35 years before I considered myself as qualified to become a business coach. Having lived through the complexities and the highs and lows of business life over this period, I could only have wished for the benefits of having that independent professional business coach by my side during my own journey.

“Time management, cashflow, there was a whole range of issues. I think I lost a bit of direction….the first couple of meetings with David were basically about setting some goals and parameters and what we wanted to achieve and some timelines, and constraints that we had to operate in.”

Pete Boardman – Owner, PBE Electrical

My Approach

In understanding why your business does what it does, and how it does it, we collaborate on how you can optimize your business so that you grow business profits and create long-term sustainable value.

We spend time working on the business to better understand the critical levers within your business and the importance of staff in this process. Getting staff on board means you getting time back. Click Here to learn more

And yes, through business coaching you do become accountable. But if you are truly honest with yourself about taking your business to the next level and towards your dream, then being accountable creates purpose and clarity around your goals and your reasons for undertaking any of my programs. Ready to take a leap?

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