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Want to Grow?


Helping business owners position their business for growing profitable revenues and sustainable growth to beat the competition

Are You Wanting Winning Growth Strategies?

Business growth is about creating winning strategies that beat your competitors but the competitor landscape is always evolving and changing, so delivering sustainable profits over time requires all of your products and services, the sales offer and processes as well as internal resources to be aligned with the changing marketplace you serve and in which you compete.

As business owners, we all want to grow our business, to improve profitability, our viability, and put more cash into the bank. But growth in itself doesn’t guarantee this. More sales doesn’t always equate to long term profits or more cash in the bank because some customers don’t pay, or want extra discounts, or they complain and suck up lots of time and energy. 

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I need more leads! But what about the customers I already have?

One of the most common requests to business coaches is to create more leads for your business. As a business owner you may have been spending lots of money on marketing, on Facebook and Google Adwords, perhaps with mixed or poor results. And all your focus is on more, more, more. But have you ever thought that is a really expensive way to get new customers? You spend all that money every month chasing a sale, perhaps for a conversion rate under 10%? So you have to make enough out of those 10% to cover off 100% of your marketing spend.

Marketing is one of those “magic boxes” and sometimes the formula is hard to crack. We are all challenged by our competitors with bigger marketing budgets, perhaps by a brand that has been around longer and ranks better online. But you know what, most customers and clients want to deal with real businesses, with old fashioned service and quality, with someone who understands their problems and helps them find solutions, and a business that stands behind its product or service. It’s based on trust, built over time and consistent performance in all aspects of business.

As a business coach I help businesses uncover their “secret sauce” and how you can beat your competition, attract new profitable customers whilst building trust with your existing client base. People may decide to buy something by using their head, but the actual buying decision is made by their heart. So I teach businesses how to better connect emotionally with your customers and clients, and in turn, because of this emotional connection, these customers and clients become your sales team…for free! Download my FREE ‘What It Is’ PDF to gain some knowledge so you can fast track your free sales team. If you want to find out how to unlock this potential in your business and start beating your competition now, book an appointment with me.

Flat or shrinking sales, or squeezed margins?

Is your business operating in an industry where competitors continually discount pricing, or have crazy loss leader pricing that you can’t possibly match? And do you struggle to pass on increases in wages or suppliers’ prices? Or is it that you can’t seem to get noticed by enough potential customers or even worse, you took on a large customer who subsequently didn’t pay?

Unfortunately, stories like these are all too common today. Business owners often share stories with me about these challenges and typically, they work harder and longer hours to overcome them. Whilst some owners have success in generating more sales, many somehow go without reward for their efforts. How does this happen? Is this the situation you’re facing at the moment?

As a business coach I help you understand what is unique about your business and the best way to leverage how you compete and win against your competitors. And we create a game plan and strategies to deliver sustainable and profitable customers. If you’d like to better understand where you currently are, and what can be done to change these dynamics so more revenue actually means more money in your own pocket, and some hints on how you can achieve your growth targets – download my FREE ‘What It Is’ resource now. If you want to cut right through and get some help now to increase profitable sales for your business, just book an appointment to have a chat.

Don’t know which numbers guarantee success in business?

On paper, your sales growth looks great. Your business is expanding and you keep buying stock to keep up with the demand or you keep adding staff to service and deliver what you have promised your customers. And yet, you never have any spare cash – does this sound like one of your problems?

As business people, we love growing sales, it’s exciting. But sales are not always profitable and when we have very high revenue growth rates, we can run out of cash because we need to invest in more stock, employ more people and more systems to cope with the extra demand. And the funds we need don’t come in from our extra sales fast enough or simply, our systems or staff were not built to handle all that extra volume of transactions. So really fast sales growth can be a two-edged sword.

As a business coach I help you understand why your business has certain critical numbers that make a huge difference to being successful, and why gross profit margins are the life blood of your business. Growth also creates stresses on your staff and systems, and sometimes, growing your workforce to match the sales demand is not easy as good people are hard to find, and training them takes time. Our planning creates a roadmap for you to be looking into the future and analysing in advance what type of issues growth will create in your business, rather than reacting to matters that you can’t influence or control. Download my FREE ‘What It Is’ resource now to ask yourself some insightful questions as to where your business is at today and some tips on where to focus your energies. If you would like some help to work out which numbers will guarantee your business success, instead of finding out each financial year that you’ve been on the wrong track, book an appointment with me now.

Helping You Have More Success and Fulfillment

Regardless of how you got here, through my 40 years in business and coaching, I have found there are typically only a handful of reasons that business owners look for a business coach.

These tend to fall into four main categories and are associated with problems or frustrations of business owners that relate to Growth, Time, People or a need for an Adviser or independent sounding board.

Whilst I offer a range of business coaching services including one to one coaching, workshops and leadership development - the method comes second to the problem.

Is it one of these that has you looking for answers?

Have a look around and get in touch to find out the best coaching solution for your situation.

Lack of Time?

Time can create significant conflict or overwhelm for business owners - from investing in business hours, trying to get ahead and the sacrifices you need to make in your personal lives. The good news is - it doesn't have to be this way

People Issues?

Sick of losing good people or have teams who don't deliver work or customer service the way you do? There are ways around this so people become your biggest asset instead of the headaches that come with being a business owner

Need An Adviser?

A business owner who is responsible for everything and everyone can be a lonely job - an experienced yet external perspective can be a valuable addition to any business owner's journey