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Every business is different. As are your people and our own backgrounds and experiences.  For this reason, most business coaches don’t like to commit to results they can achieve for their clients.

By leveraging my 40 years in business and coaching, I have helped businesses across various industries achieve real results and have more fulfilled and balanced lives.

Here are some of the tangible results I’ve helped my clients achieve.

Case Study 1

Working harder and harder for the same result


Prior to starting a one to one coaching program my client was working 7 days a week, with growing pressures from the family. Both sales and profit were flat and cash was a constant worry. An increasing credit card debt was his solution to keep abreast of cash cycle. He was increasingly frustrated, worried and stressed at the lack of progress to get ahead.

What we did in 24 months

I worked with the business owner to uncover and realign what the business stood for and why it was unique in his industry. We designed a strategic plan to beat his major competitors.

We then created a game plan around customer service and how the customer experience was delivered. We celebrated and valued the knowledge and expertise inside the business and marketed and demonstrated the skills and expertise to industry leaders (influencers). The sales team was expanded with a structured program of training and education. We also:

  • Reset all KPIs, including delivery and after sales follow up
  • Launched a new website and brand
  • Changed marketing messages and targeted decision makers
  • Ongoing work around both accounting and management systems
  • Focussed on exceptional customer service and meeting client’s needs
  • Sold products into new segments that were previously not targeted
  • Changed approach to quoting, pricing and margins

What we achieved

Financially, this business continues to grow sales and profits. The business owner doesn’t work weekends now and has a trusted advisor in his corner to help him take on the challenges for the next stage of growth.

Our Financial Results

Sales Year 1 $1,050K
Year 3 $1.65M
Growth % 57%
Gross Profit Year 1 $500K
Year 3 $1.1M
Growth $ $600K
Growth % 120%
Net Profit Year 1 $210K
Year 3 $500K
Growth $ $290K

Case Study 2

Shrinking sales and not sure of the next steps to grow business


Prior to starting a one to one coaching program, my client had lost motivation, clients and turnover following contractual problems with his then major customers – not enough staff to manufacture the agreed works within agreed timeframes, and delays resulting in an inability to meet critical installation works that had an adverse flow on affect for the balance of the project for the head contractor. The business was running at a loss, and the owner was not drawing a commercial wage.

What we did in 12 months

I worked with the business owner to define the expertise within his business and why it was valuable within his industry segment. We then aligned his services to benchmarks that were important to major customers and created a strategic plan to relaunch the business to key head contractors. The initial scope of works was reduced to match smaller jobs and using the expertise within the business, we secured the commitment from an expanding group as a preferred supplier.

Financially, we reduced the gross margin by 7% to increase sales, and focussed on exceptional customer service and turnaround time. This resulted in a broader customer base, a more consistent throughput in the factory and better labour utilisation.

We changed the approach to quoting, stopped chasing unprofitable work, and sacked our “D grade” customers.

We built a new website with new content and images and messages to attract work from a broader segment. We retired debt to reduce leverage in business.

What we achieved

On completion of my role we assured the business owner of future growth with new key customers in a growing segment, and a broader client base to protect the business from over reliance on any one customer.

Our Financial Results

Sales Prior Year $400k
Year 2 $656k
Growth % 66%
Gross Profit Prior Year $210K
Year 2 $305K
Growth $ $95K
Growth % 46%
Net Profit Prior Year Loss – $20K
Year 2 Profit $73K
Growth $ $93K

Case Study 3

Is Your Business Next?

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Helping You Have More Success and Fulfillment

Regardless of how you got here, through my 40 years in business and coaching, I have found there are typically only a handful of reasons that business owners look for a business coach.

These tend to fall into four main categories and are associated with problems or frustrations of business owners that relate to Growth, Time, People or a need for an Adviser or independent sounding board.

Whilst I offer a range of business coaching services including one to one coaching, workshops and leadership development - the method comes second to the problem.

Is it one of these that has you looking for answers?

Have a look around and get in touch to find out the best coaching solution for your situation.

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